In India we believe that music never dies, but ever materializes into beautiful forms.

Music is the Golden Union of East and West.

In the midst of a crowd, keep the independence of your solitude.

Love and respect yourself, and be aware of yourself. Then we can begin to visualize the state we are seeking and feel the reality of it. Then relax, and it will come to pass. Let go, let God, and you can be changed.

You are a mind with a body, not a body with a mind.

This is not, necessarily, the only planet we have ever lived on.

Recently scientists have said there ís something faster than the speed of light, possibly It is thought.

I do not like to use labels, because labels become liable.

Love holds the Universe together.

Permanency in music is the ultimate in love.

Music may not save your soul, but it will cause your soul to be worth saving.


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