Korla & Beryl with George and Hazel Kazinski, hobnobbing in Hollywood (1957)



Very rare 1960’s fanclub membership card (autographed on back)



Despite the low quality, a lovely portrait of Korla and Shari



Woodland Hills, September 21 1979



During a performance in 1949 or 1950



Showing one of his Afghan hounds



Explaining the Universal Language Of Music



KGO Television San Francisco 1953



Having fun with his sons and friends



A moving picture with his son Shari 1948



A typical Korla Pandit class seminar (1957)



A Korla Master Class certificate




Korla Pandit (holding his life mask) with Verne Langdon in 1968



Kiddin' on the keys!



Obliging his younger fans



At work in the studio



And at work in concert




Descanso Gardens concert




Always in the midst of a crowd!




Birthday boy! (1978)



Slightly blurred but one of the earliest pictures of Korla




Pandit piping it up yet again!



Another day, another show, Seattle Concert Theatre, 1977



A lovely early 50’s studio portrait



On the front cover of Keyboard World magazine, May 1980




Korla KTTV channel II



A beautiful and intimate picture towards the end of his life



The Pandit family on the cover of TV-radio life



The Pandit Regency at Calistoga



A promo picture from the early 50’s



Charming his fans - as always



Playing the keys at home



A gathering of fans in 1968



With his beloved T-bird at San Bernardino



Adrift in 1970



On board in the late 1950's



Another promo picture, this time from the early 70’s



"Taking care of business" in his office



One of the family's favourite photos: Korla, Paramahansa Yogananda and Beryl



Trimming the tree at home



This picture was used on the front of the Universal Language of Music booklet



Another beautiful shot from the same session in 1953



A gorgeous studio portrait of Beryl June De Beeson Pandit circa 1945



A much earlier candit shot of Beryl June De Beeson Pandit



Those magnetic eyes….



Korla with what appears to be a selection of good citizens



Two little Indians



Seattle TV pilot 1988



One of Freek Kinkelaar's favourite photos of Korla



A rare picture without the trademark turban



A lovely dedicated colour shot



With female fan



And the last photo of the set - Korla doing what he loved most -



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