Sons of the Pioneers was a vocal harmony group based around silver screen legend Roy Rogers (born Leonard Franklin Slye) and Bob Nolan. The group was formed in 1934. In the late 1930's Roy left the band, but Sons of the Pioneers has carried on recording and performing through to the present day, and have released traditional country music for labels such as Decca, American Record Company, Okeh, Vocalion, Columbia and RCA-Victor.

In 1950 Korla Pandit was known to have been hired as a session musician for three of their recording dates in Hollywood. Korla can be heard playing organ on the recordings listed below. From what is known, only Stampede/Church Music was released commercially as a single. It is possible that Korla can be heard on more songs by Sons of the Pioneers. If you have any additional information, please contact us. Our deepest gratitude to Ray Torrence for supplying information on these recordings.



featuring Korla Pandit


1 STAMPEDE / CHURCH MUSIC (78 RPM, RCA WCDJ-54, DJ-pressing 1948)

2 STAMPEDE / CHURCH MUSIC (78 RPM, RCA 21-0154, 1948)

3 STAMPEDE / CHURCH MUSIC (45 RPM, RCA 48-0161, green vinyl, 1948)


No session musicians are listed, Korla Pandit identified as organist on both songs. Even though Roy Rogers is credited, he was no longer a member of Sons Of The Pioneers by the time this was recorded.



featuring Korla Pandit


Session recorded 4 February 1950, Hollywood, RCA:
1 Roses

2 The Eagles' Heart
3 Land Beyond The Sun
4 I Told Them All About You


Sessions recorded recorded 10 & 13 March 1950, Hollywood, RCA:
1 Wagons West
2 Rollin' Dust
3 Song Of The Wagonmaster
4 Chuckawalla Swing

Korla Pandit was also credited as 'bandleader' for these two sessions.


The following songs are currently available: Roses, Land, Beyond The Sun, Wagons West, Chuckawalla Swing, and I Told Them All About You are available on the boxset Sons of the Pioneers - Wagons West (Bear Family 4CD boxset + 32 page booklet, BCD 15640). Song Of The Wagonmaster is available on the vinyl album Various artists - Cowboy Country Volume 5 (Bear Family LP, BFX 15355).


For more information on these releases, please contact Bear Family at

The following songs were released by the Sons of Pioneers and might feature Korla Pandit. If you have any further details, please contact us: Hawaiian Cowboy, Hasta La Vista, Pecos Bill (ThereŽll Never Be Another), IŽm Gonna Gallop, Gallop To Gallup, New Mexico, With A Sweep Of My Sombrero, Saddle Serenade, Make Believe Cowboy, Horseshoe Moon, The Story Of Bucky AnŽ Dan, Cowboy Heaven, Ride Son Ride, DonŽt Ever Leave Me, Buck-Eye Cowboy, A Four Legged Friend.

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